Visitor VISA

Basically, you can apply for visitor visa for different purposes, such as – 

  • For tourism, visiting a family member in Australia, medical treatment, and recreational activities. 
  • For business purposes like making general government or business enquiries, government visas, business negotiations, attending seminars, conferences, professional exams or job interviews. 
  • You also need to meet other special categories to get a visitor visa. 

If you are planning to visit Australia or any other country for any purpose including the above or other reasons, Aussies Education and Immigration Center is always there. Each visa has a specific eligibility requirement. We can process all types of visitor visas as per your needs. 

We have several years of experience in immigration laws and processes to match the right type of visa as per your requirement and visitor visa are a broader and general term. 

Medical Treatment Visa

Anyone can visit Australia with this type of visa for medical consultations or treatment, for organ donation and for the help of someone who needs medical treatment who has applied for or holds this type of visa.

Investor Retirement Visa

This visa is recommended for retirees who are self-funded and who don’t have dependents. This way, they can spend the rest of their lives after retirement in Australia.

Visitor Visa

This visa is intended to serve people who want to visit Australia for business or visit purposes for 3, 6, or 12 months. Here are two subclasses of visitor visa – 

  • eVisitor (subclass 651) – This type of visa is available for free. You should have a passport of a specific country listed by the Department of Home Affairs. 
  • Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) – A visitor should have a passport to a specific nation listed by the Department of Home Affairs. 

Transit Visa

This visa is issued to the person and their dependent children to transit them through the country within 72 hours.

Special Program Visa

This visa is usually sought for special programs where a special program sponsor who is approved has got the invitation to be the part of a program which is specifically approved. The aim of this program is to enhance cultural exchange and international relations between the world and Australian community.

What are the basic requirements for a visitor visa?

If you are with Aussies Education, you don’t have to worry. Feel free to tell us why you are visiting Australia and we will consider your requirements to figure out the right type of visa to apply for. We can also help you meet the exact requirements to get these visas like – 

  • Financial documentation 
  • Health check-ups
  • Insurance
  • Character certificate 
  • Accommodation 

Contact us right away if you are planning to visit Australia for any reasons discussed above. You can rest assured with your memorable and pleasant experience.

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