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Study in Australia

To take admission in any of Australia University or college.

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To take admission in any of Canada University or college.

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To take admission in any of New Zealand University or college.

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Aussies Education & Immigration Centre is one of the best study visa consultant in India. We are renowned for our unparalleled and unprecedented approach. We provide the best solutions and documentation for families, individuals, and students. We have an experienced team of visa consultants and counselors who prepare students for IELTS, PTE and other proficiency tests.

AEIC has partnered with various accredited and certified educational institutions for placements and admissions. We empower education with the best visa documentation and modern technology.

Aussies Education & Immigration Centre (AEIC)

At Aussies Education, we have experienced visa officials and counselors with years of combined experience working with worldwide embassies and getting visa approvals without any problem.

IELTS Exam Preparation

We provide the best IELTS coaching to improve your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills for the test to improve your English.

PTE Exam Preparation

We provide the best PTE coaching to improve your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills for the test to improve your English.


We provide services for study visas to help students moving to other nations for further studies.


We provide services for visitor visas for different purposes like visiting their families, kids , short-term business visas.

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Our coaches will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for the IELTS test. Learn strategies to score higher to pass the test and develop your confidence with practice and our guidance.

IELTS / PTE Speaking

With our best teaching resources and staff, you no longer have to worry about speaking tests. We can help improve your performance and confidence for the IELTS speaking test.

IELTS / PTE Reading

We prepare you to answer all the questions within the given time frame. We can teach you all the techniques to attempt all the questions accurately.

IELTS / PTE Listening

Here, you can learn different accents to comprehend the international level of English. You can get familiar with various English accents from different countries.

IELTS / PTE Writing

It is one of the complex and most important parts of the IELTS test. We help you prepare for writing without grammar and writing mistakes.

Why us?

We are very honest, dedicated and professional visa consultants offering proper convenience to our clients with absolute transparency and support.

100% Assistance

We assure you with a 100% assistance for your visa application to fulfill your dreams to study abroad.

Trained Faculty

Expertise of a teaching staff is very vital for IELTS and PTE coaching. We have professional and experienced trainers with decades of experience.

Visa Approvals

Get guidance for your visa approval with our expert support to the most favored country where you can study further.

Visitor Visa

Want to visit another country to meet your children, for medical treatment, for leisure or any other purpose? We can get you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Well, it is up to your personal interest and budget. Almost all countries offer different types of courses. You can decide where you can get the course you want to do and whether you will get a job over there after that course.
Though all universities don’t demand IELTS examination, it can really help as a supportive document. It proves that you have proficiency in English language in any country. As a student, you get first preference as you can understand English to perform well in studies. In short, they are acceptable proofs of your English language proficiency.
Yes, opening a bank account in a foreign country is an absolute must. It is required for making all regular transactions using that account. Some banks even offer students with special offers that are worth checking out when you reach the foreign land.
Again, it is up to your choice of course and educational institution. In addition, you need to consider living expenses. In most universities, tuition fee varies on the college ranking, course, and duration of study.
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