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PTE is one of the highly acclaimed and globally accepted English proficiency exams. The employers and embassies conduct the test in their assessment processes. It is the top computer-based test in the world on English proficiency for candidates aspiring to immigrate or study abroad. A lot of academic institutes across the world accept the PTE score, such as Yale University, Harvard Business School, and INSEAD. You should try hard to achieve a good PTE score to get higher preference.


The Pearson Test of English or PTE is a globally accepted English proficiency test along with the likes of TOEFL and IELTS. It focuses on daily usage of English as a language instead of high-level English. It ensures that the candidate has proper knowhow of English language on a daily basis. In PTE, the grading system ensures better understanding of the proficiency of a candidate in English language. Usually, the results are given in 5 business days as it is a computer-based test. Sometimes, results are given within a day or three days from the date of exam.


The PTE (Academic) is a special version of the PTE exam taken by students aspiring to seek admission in Universities and educational institutes worldwide.

There are

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Benefits of

  • Flexibility : There are around 250 test centers across the world and you can choose any date within over 360 days.
  • Fair policy : The test is based on computerized marking. So, it ensures impartiality and accuracy in scoring the test takers.
  • Quick : It usually takes around 5 business days to declare the results.
  • Unlimited : There is no extra payment needed to send the test results to several institutions or universities.
  • Safe : Palm-vein scanning, data forensics, and randomized test forms are some of the security measures used in PTE tests.

Passing Marks

Well, there is no specific passing mark as such. You will get scores as per your ability and proficiency in English language. You will be scored on the basis of your English proficiency in institutional settings in PTE Academic. Overall, you will be scored from 10 to 90 points. These scores are divided into Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills. The passing marks usually depend on the course you are taking.

Here are the required minimum marks for different criteria – 

  • Minimum 36 marks for students studying below degree level for Tier 4 UK visas 
  • Minimum 51 marks for students studying above or at degree level for Tier 4 UK visas 

The concerned university will be the important factor for the required PTE score in order to get admission at any Higher Secondary institution in the UK at or above degree level. Here are the minimum score requirements to seek admission to UK-based universities – 

  • Minimum score from 59 to 69 for MBA
  • Minimum score from 57 to 67 for PG studies 
  • Minimum score from 51 to 61 for UG studies 

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