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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the UK is the hottest country for both job opportunities and studies where one can lead a peaceful life. It goes without saying that the UK is known for having some of the world’s best universities, including the likes of Cambridge University and Oxford University. The UK stands second among the most popular countries for global students and London is the top city in the world for studies.


  • You can gain exposure to new cultures, grow your knowledge base and meet a lot of people on your way while studying in the UK. You can access endless benefits with a great student lifestyle from the university.
  • The courses are usually shorter in comparison to other nations and it saves your accommodation expenses and overall tuition fees in the long run.
  • There are around 50000 courses to choose from in 25 core subjects.
  • The quality of education the country offers is really unmatched in the world.
  • World-class infrastructure, great research facilities and well qualified teachers are some of the great advantages to study in the UK.
  • The country offers a lot of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses in one of the most world-renowned educational institutions along with very specialized courses.
  • The UK provides Master’s degree programs for 1 year with both minimal cost of living and tuition fees. So, affordability is the main reason.

The organization appointed to manage all the higher education applications in the UK is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UGAS).
  • There are only 5 courses you can choose as part of UGAS procedure
  • It means you can either apply various courses from 5 different universities or five courses at any specific college or university
  • Cambridge and Oxford accept only one application. So, you have only four courses to choose in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science.


  • IELTS test or similar to prove your English language proficiency
  • Updated passport
  • Proof of funds to meet the cost of studies
  • Clear the TB test under a well-accredited medical institution to enter the UK
  • Proof of having £1,020 monthly to the minimum for living expenses and tuition fees

Proficiency in

In order to pursue higher studies, international studies should showcase that they have proper written and spoken English skills to seek admission in the university of their dreams. Applicants should take a proper language test to get a UK visa issued and prove their English language proficiency. The UK Border Agency has defined some eligibility requirements to grant a Tier 4 study visa.
  • Students can opt for various English language tests that are widely accepted to study in the UK
  • Universities have a unique standard for English language. Students should read the requirements related to test score
  • A lot of universities provide classes related to English language and conduct exams to succeed in studies

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