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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) evaluates the proficiency of applicants in English language who wish to study in countries where English is the main medium of communication and a primary language. IELTS tests are of two types – 

  • IELTS General Training – It is recommended for people looking for migration and work. 
  • IELTS Academic – It is recommended for those students who wish to pursue further education. 

The Duration for IELTS test is 2 hours and 45 minutes with breaks.  

Structure of

  • Listening (30 minutes) – There are four recordings of native English speakers for students to listen to and write their answers to their questions.
  • Reading (60 minutes) – There are 40 questions to attend to test different reading skills of students.
  • Speaking (14 minutes) – It determines how a student speaks English and they will be recorded.
  • Academic Writing (60 minutes) – Both General Training and Academic Test have two tasks each.

  • There will be no breaks to complete the Reading, Writing and Listening sections and they will be completed on the same day.
  • It may take a week after or before other tests to complete the Speaking section.
  • The duration is 2 hours 45 minutes.
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Sections in

  • Academic Writing – There are two writing tasks in this section. Task 1 includes writing reports (while explaining charts and diagrams). Essay should be 150 words or less. Students have 20 minutes for doing this task. In Task 2, students have to write an Argumentative Essay. It shouldn’t be less than 250 words. Students can spend 40 minutes doing this. In total, students have 1 hour to complete both tasks.
  • Listening – There are 40 questions in 4 sections. The duration of 40 minutes includes a time of 10 minutes to transfer the answers to the main sheet.
  • Reading – There are 40 questions to attend in 3 passages. Only 1 hour is given to the candidates to complete this section.
  • General Writing Training – There are also two tasks to accomplish. In Task 1, formal or informal letter prompt is included. There are 150 words to write for the students and Task 2 is similar to the same of Academic module.
  • Speaking – There are three parts of this module for up to 14 minutes. Usually, it is done on the next day on a one-on-one basis.

    Part 1 – Here, the examiner has general questions to ask the student, related to their work, hobbies, studies etc. This part lasts up to 5 minutes.

    Part 2 – A topic is given to the candidate to speak on the task card. Students have at least 1 minute to speak and 1 minute to think and note some points down. Duration of this part is up to 4 minutes.

    Part 3 – Mostly questions on the basis of topics in part 2 will be asked in this part. It’s like a 2 way discussion. This discussion lasts up to 5 minutes.

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